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Funk Pop Guitars [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Funk Pop Guitars [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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A funky collection of chords, riffs, licks and more, all inspired by classic funk and disco and perfect for modern funk and pop.

Included is a whopping 119 files in total, spanning a range of tempos and key signatures. All files come in 24 bit HQ WAV format, and are a mixture of chord progressions, picked progressions and tasteful licks.

I’ve written 16 disco inspired grooves, each one containing the main groove with all guitar tracks panned and bass line, as well as all of the individual guitar multi-tracks.

This is a very versatile pack; the grooves are perfect for DJs or ‘production starters’; the chords sequences can form the basis of a new song and give you fresh inspiration, and the massive collection of funky licks and tricks will give you a massive choice of guitar ‘ear candy’ to use in future productions.

These loops were inspired by some of my favourite artists from the classic disco and funk era, such as Chic, Kool & The Gang, George Duke, Michael Jackson, Prince etc.

Don’t be fooled though, this is no nostalgia pack. This kind of guitar style is massively popular today, from modern pop artists such as Dua Lipa, Doja Cat & Lizzo to French house/funk artists such as Breakbot, Daft Punk & Cassius. The loops are incredibly versatile and add extra sauce to any of the following genres:

French Touch

We recorded these loops clean using a USA Fender Stratocaster (for that classic Nile Rodgers sound), with nothing more than some gentle compression, desk saturation and a touch of reverb. This gives you the characteristic sound of funk’s preferred guitar but plenty of scope to add your own effects and processing.

Also as a special bonus, we have even thrown in x16 acoustic bass tracks, modelled on the Fender bass sound of the late great Bernard Edwards!

Please enjoy and be warned, there is a lot of funk inside this pack!

Usage: Royalty-Free
File Type: 24-Bit WAV 44.1khz
Contents: 16 instrumental loops, 87 guitar tracks, 16 bass tracks
Tempo range: 110bpm - 120bpm

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